Standard Consultation

A standard consultation is $70.00  A further $5 is applicable if account is not paid on the day.


A $25 non attendance fee will apply if appointments are not cancelled two hours prior to the appointment.

Increased fees may apply for repeat non attendances.

Non attendance fees for Monday evening appointments after 6pm with Dr Lee will incur full fees.


Bulk Billing

Bulk Billing is available only for Pensioners, Health Care Card holders and children under 16 years of age.


Students are charged a co-payment of $5 weekdays and $10 on weekends.


Bulk Billing is not available on Saturdays. A $10 co-payment applies for those normally eligible for Bulk Billing.


Out of pocket costs

Staff will inform you of any out of pocket costs.


For referred specialists and allied services, it is recommended you contact them for any out of pocket costs before making an appointment.


Veteran Affairs cardholders are always bulk billed.


If financial difficulty is experienced, please discuss billing options with your doctor.


Home Visits

Dr Lipson and Dr Andrewes do routine and emergency home visits.


Please contact the surgery as early as possible in the day if a home visit is required. The doctors are actively involved in local hospitals and nursing homes.


Cost: $85.00 for a standard Home Visit Weekdays.


$95.00 for a standard Home Visit Saturdays.